Ryan left. Megan has not.
Megan misses Ryan. She's ready to go too. A more appropriate final post will/should come soon. I don't think we can properly close this until we're both out of Greensboro...

saturday / June 12, 2010

Clean up, clean out
This weekend, while sifting through old sketchbooks, boxes of notes-to-self, etc I came upon this (pictured above). A sketch of what this website could have looked like. While studying this and other preliminary drawings from this past year, I'm reminded why themegryan.com exists in the first place. Our goal was to create a continually ongoing record of our daily activities for one full year, so that our replacements will have a resource to reference. New VISTA's take note. We're close. We're getting really close. It's May 1st.

saturday / May 1, 2010

Boogie Pie
On sunny Friday morning, Megan and Robin (and later Amanda) left for Auburn, AL with high spirits and a car full of apple pie.
On sunny Sunday, they returned exhausted, but without a single pie. Success. Or as we like to say, "money in the bank kids."

Money. In. The. Bank.

Special Thanks to: Robin for baking; Robin's car for getting us there; Mark's Mart in Selma for your clean bathroom and egg & cheese biscuits; Hwy 80 for being so beautiful; Downtown Selma for showing so much potential; Scott and friend for helping us set up the EZ Tent; Robin's mom for the pimento cheese; Robin's dad for the burgers; Fisher and Mammoth for the 'X'; Blair Stapp (future VISTA) for being generally awesome; Taylor's Bakery for your sweet sweet iced coffee; Gnu's for your excessive book shelves and wacky coffee roaster; Amsterdam for the salmon and house wine recommendation; Megan from Memphis for spelling your name without an 'h'; Allison (future Artist in Residence) for your spunk; Robin's mom for the clean sheets and orange rolls; Waverly, AL for your incredible rad-ness; Wes and Haley for showing up; Andrew for your ideas; Elisa for your pie purchase(s); The Pinehill Haints for your spellbinding bass guitar machine; the lady in the purple hat for your hippie moves; Robin's mom for the BBQ; Robin's living room for the comfy couches and DVD player; Michael Cera for your humor; Amanda for sharing the blankets; Robin's mom for the muffins; Robin's house for the wifi; Robin's brother for turning 21; The Gap for reminding me I'm broke; Amanda's car for getting us back; and Alabama...for the continual surprises around every corner.

saturday / April 17, 2010

Lion's Park Phase IV Skate and Mobile Concession Opening...awesome.

saturday / April 11, 2010

A few things.
Megan has been OOTO for nearly a week. This, of course, means that her additions to this blog have been sparse. But now, as she lays on a hotel floor in Nashville, her mom watching a Richard Gere flick, her dad studying the atlas, she's overcome with the sudden urge to write about a few things (hence the title of this post). Below is the abridged version of Megan's seven days past:

Sun: Chattanooga. Melinda. Downtown. Blue Moon. Writer in bar. Amanda sings? Why did the cow cross the road? Floor. Mon: Love to Knead; Knead to Love. Create Here. SuperNova. DJ and Widgets. Ruby Falls. Picnic. Backwoods. "Kiss your elbow turns." Asheville. French Press. Amazing Indian. Tent? Bed. Tue: Black Mountain. Buckminster Fuller, John Cage. Meredith Davis. Raleigh. Another Robin. Michigan brew. Sitar. Schlitz. Floor. Wed: Coffee. Bertie Co. Edmonton. Shit Coast. Mystery Sonic. VAH BEACH! Brynn! Lunar Eclipse? Bed. Thu: Waffles. Coffee. Duke of Gloucester. Charlottesville. Amazing. Steal Drums. Pedestrian Mall. Iced Americano. Brooklyn Stout. Great Convo. Great people. Assetts. Values. Bed. Fri: Coffee. Iced Coffee. CCDC. 1.5 employees. LH&A Architects. Walking Score. 10 hours. NashVegas. Folks. Done.

saturday / April 3, 2010

Thank You.
Thank you to everyone who applied to be next year's Americorps Vista(s). Our pool of applicants from which to choose was remarkable. We still have some big decisions to make, but for those who were not selected, we say Thanks.

saturday / March 20, 2010

And then, it was done.
More here. But even more here.

saturday / March 20, 2010


saturday / March 13, 2010

This past week in a pe-can nutshell
Busy week in Hale.

Mon: First trip to Auburn to meet up with new/old Friends of M, and hear Emily P. talk about Project H. (see more on that below)

Tue: Great day in Greensboro with Melissa Cullens, 2009 Project M Alum. Also, first Taco Tuesday of 20'X.

Wed: Visit and bike tour with Birmingham friends who work here, plus fun times with Emily and Matt (who did this in my back yard last year without me knowning) alongside their Airstream exhibit/house. (Read more about their visit here.)

Thu: Off to Nashville at the crack of dawn for the DISH Student Design Conference hosted by AIGA Nashville. Great food, great coffee, great beer and this guy.

Fri: Talky talky, giant bagels, and student portfolio reviews. Then the longest car ride home in the history of the world. CrashBangBoomOver.

saturday / February 27, 2010

The Greensboro crew traveled to Birmingham this weekend to represent PieLab/BikeLab at Bici-Coop's 2nd Annual Heartbreaks Prom Benefit.

Everyone who went had a great time and nearly everyone raced. Dan and Ryan took home 3rd place prize (and 1st out-of-town team), Megan and Brian took home 1st female team prize, and Willy and Amanda were disqualified (mechanical issues). Immediately afterward, talks of a Greensboro alleycat race were already underway.

Thanks to everyone at Bici-Coop for putting together the event!

saturday / February 13, 2010

Oh to be young, naive, and almost tan again...
After a brief trip to Ralph, Alabama to attend Robin's family reunion, Megan has found herself once again at the Tuscaloosa Panera Bread, exploiting the free internet. While compulsively cleaning out desktop folders, Megan stumbled upon the image above and immediately was taken aback to a time earlier this summer, when life was oh so simple. She thought she'd share this fond memory with the rest of the meg/ryan reading world. Or just Ryan. Or just her dad who reads this blog everyday. Hi Dad!

saturday / February 6, 2010

Wish List
The crew is headed to Tuscaloosa this week to host Black Tie Pie, a fund raising event at the Bama Theater. We hope to raise a little "dough" (hahahaha ha ha) and cross off a few Wanted Items from our list in the process.

saturday / January 31, 2010

Can Greensboro Recycle?
Britney, (MLab's very first intern) organized an informal meeting at PieLab this weekend, to discuss development of a Greensboro recycling initiative. Several residents were in attendance including a few local business owners as well as members of the local Episcopal Church and a few other interested individuals. Bill Hertz, a recycling pundit from Tuscaloosa shared his knowledge on the subject, while encouraging meeting attendees to discuss the future of recycling in Greensboro. Feedback was positive and guests lingered after the meeting to enjoy some pie and brainstorm more ideas.

Next week Britney will attend a City Council meeting to discuss her plan further. Stay tuned. More to come on this exciting endeavor!

saturday / January 10, 2010

Today I met Meg. Or maybe it's Mag. Pronounced with a long 'a' sound. Meg is originally from Faunsdale, Alabama. She lived and worked just outside of Washington DC for a while. Now she lives in Greensboro but commutes to Tuscaloosa to teach 6th grade math. Meg started a recycling program at the Episcopal Church.

Jerry stopped in again. Two of his cousins were working at the Pentagon during the 9/11 attacks. He told me to insulate the water pipes at my house so that they don't freeze during this cold spell.

Adelaide is very sweet. She once worked for the US Air Force. I think she reminds me of my mother.

A peculiar amount of DC connections today. This town continues to surprise me.

saturday / January 10, 2010

Grand PieLab
It may have been a dreary day, but the mood within PieLab was the complete opposite during our grand opening. Half-off pie was sold all day to rave reviews and Big Kitty took over for us during the evening to wild applause.

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us.

saturday / November 28, 2009

Greensboro Loves Prom & the 80's
80's Prom Party was a blast.

saturday / November 21, 2009

Ryan met up with his Highschool roommate David Gouch for the Horse Pens 40 Climbing Competition this weekend. While neither were there to compete, it was a great chance to explore the higher altitude Alabama.

Along with awkward climbing poses, bouldering has its own, very specific vocabulary. David and Ryan were often confused. After attempting to watch the competition, we decided to climb a boulder ourselves (illegally) and ended up finding some absolutely beautiful locations.

We were so taken by the climbing spirit, that we even attempted a few "problems" on the way to buying David some lunch.

Oh, and Ryan had some time for some more Christenberry-like photography.

saturday / November 11, 2009

PieLab prepares for Culture Fest '09

saturday / October 31, 2009

saturday / October 10, 2009

PieLab on Main Street: Episode 3
Leftovers Conquer

Though our forces have been spread thin (Megan, Amanda, and Breanne in Atlanta. Willy, Oliver, Gabe, and Ramel in New Orleans. Brian in Rhode Island.) Dan and Ryan showed up to PieLab Saturday morning to work. Pam and Johnny were also there and later in the day we were joined by Mark (once he figured out where we were).

Working in such small numbers, while not as fun, was somewhat more efficient. We finished laying all of the replacement flooring, we finished facing the new window, we finished re-aligning the new back door, we sanded the entire back floor, we made an access panel leading under the floor, finished the first layer of polyurethane, and then made it home in time for a quick bike ride down 25 South with no hands.

Also, the Greensboro water tower put on a huge shower curtain and was cleaned.

saturday / October 3, 2009

California calling Birmingham. Birmingham calling Greensboro.
Amanda and Megan dropped Ryan off at the airport this morning. Taking advantage of this trip to Birmingham, Amandegan ventured to Urban Standard to exploit their free internet and sip expensive caffeinated beverages. While surfing the interwebs, Megan, Serah, Corinne, and Amanda decided it'd be a great idea to take photos of themselves and send them to one another.
A stellar idea indeed. And so another Saturday begins.

saturday / September 26, 2009

M Detroit made Fox.
Totally. Awesome.

saturday / September 12, 2009

Happy birthday Breanne Kostyk!

A wonderful breakfast cooked by the birthday girl herself, an afternoon of relaxing, and then who knows what tonight in Tuscaloosa.

saturday / September 5, 2009

Escape to north Alabama.
1. Megan gets a haircut.
2. Megan buys jeans at Old Navy.
3. Megan meets Corinne and Serah for lunch at Panera Bread.
4. Megan sees Ryan at Panera Bread.
5. Megan, Corinne and Serah drive to Birmingham.
6. Megan, Corinne and Serah try on dresses at a boutique shop in B'ham.
7. Megan, Corinne and Serah continue north east towards the waterfall.
8. Corinne and Serah jump off waterfall; Megan opts out of jumping and takes a nap on top of waterfall instead.
9. Megan, Corinne and Serah follow the 'Shrimp Boil' signs to Alex's house.
10. Megan, Corinne and Serah enjoy diet sodas and conversation with Alex's parents and older brother.
11. Serah chokes on a Cheeto.
12. Megan, Corinne and Serah drive back to Birmingham and eat/drink at Rojo.
13. Megan, Corinne and Serah get dessert at TCBY. In case you're wondering, no they don't accept food stamps.
14. Megan, Corinne and Serah tour around Birmingham in the dark, and almost die in a roundabout.
15. Megan, Corinne and Serah take the back roads to the airport.
16. Megan, Corinne and Serah pick up Serah's friend Nicole from the airport. Nicole is greeted by the American flag.
17. Megan, Corinne, Serah and Nicole head back to Greensboro.

saturday / August 22, 2009

It was Betsy's last day.

After enjoying a wonderful breakfast with Dan and Breanne, I returned to my car with Betsy to find that my iPod was missing. Had I forgotten it inside? Had I dropped it on the short journey to their front door? No, it had been taken. (Luckily my external HD, my laptop, my camera, my wallet, Betsy's camera, travel bag, and lenses had somehow been missed)

Later, as Betsy and I pulled into the Target parking lot, I realized my phone was also missing. Crushed, I resigned myself to a dead silent trip to Panera where we would then transfer Betsy's photos from my HD to her new one (from Target). After the transfer began I called Megan (from Betsy's phone) to ask her to call Breanne to do a quick scan to make sure I hadn't just forgotten my stuff in their home. Soon after, Breanne called Betsy back to exclaim that she had found my phone in a pile of scraps (recently this building) about 20 yards from her house.

Relieved, (but still somewhat miffed) I was able to then enjoy a lunch at Five Guys with Betsy and her friend Julia. What would an adventure be without a few misadventures?

saturday / August 22, 2009

PieLab on Main Street: Episode 1
Salvaged and Better Than Ever

Yesterday Will Holman (1,2), an outreach student with Rural Studio for the '09—'10 school year, presented us with several designs for furniture using only salvaged materials. We were so damn excited that we got started on building one of his tables immediately (this morning).

As the day wore on, the table started to come together. After the legs and the main supports were completed we decided it was quitting time and that the only fitting conclusion would be an ice-cold tallboy and then a fire.

saturday / August 22, 2009

Saturday / July 18, 2009

So it turns out Amos Kennedy is a good friend of a best friend. Expect many more visits to Gordo.

Saturday / July 11, 2009

Saturday trip to Perry Lakes

Saturday / July 11, 2009

Happy final meeting with the M's.

Saturday / June 27, 2009

El Rodeo

Saturday / June 13, 2009

Giant man-eating fish attack at Perry Lakes, but all are consoled with milkshakes at J&R's.

Saturday / June 6, 2009

Megan Deal and Ryan LeCluyse:

are two graphic designers living and working in Greensboro, Alabama. They each found themselves in the rural south after taking their Americorps vows, and then swearing a year of their life to service. Megan, who hails from Detroit, and Ryan, who comes from Baltimore, will work together over the next year to operate the very first Project M Lab.

The M Lab was born out of the 2008 Project M session and has since been used to station passionate young individuals interested in the possibilities of meaningful graphic design. For the remainder of this year M Lab will be the design studio (whatever that means) of the combined forces of Meg/Ryan.

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